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Across Australia, we deliver a range of activities for a diverse selection of industries with a clear focus on water and the risks associated with water management.


How we do it

We combine our old-school service philosophy with digital and chemistry technology to deliver a level of service that is recognised as unique – and wholeheartedly valued - by our customers.

Resource Centre

Everything you need to know about water treatment. Browse our range of resources including the latest on water treatment technologies, case studies, handy checklists and more.

The best practice recommendations we shared at the Institute of Hospital Engineering, Australia’s Healthcare Facilities Management conference are here, ready to be implemented in your operations.

At HydroChem, we deliver comprehensive strategies to solve your water treatment management issues. Daily, we prevent outbreaks of Legionnaire's disease, corrosion, scaling and fouling of your water systems. Known for providing highly reliable and consistent products and services we make your water treatment management trouble-free.

In December 2015 the Australian Government released the “Guidelines for Legionella control in the operation and maintenance of water distribution systems in health and aged care facilities”. The Guidelines are designed to assist facility managers to assess and manage the risk from Legionella. The document provides recommendations for implementing controls, ongoing monitoring and responding to detections and cases.

To avoid confusion we've created an interactive map of Australia that clearly explains the legislation (or guidelines) in each state.

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